Simple Way To Get Rid of Slice Spin

Aug 21, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss a technique that can help golfers release the golf club properly, eliminating slice spin on the ball. By visualizing a race between the toe and the heel of the club, golfers can improve their swing and reduce slicing. Additionally, we will explore how using the body in the swing can further enhance accuracy and consistency. Let's dive into the details!

Visualizing the Race:

To begin, imagine a finish line right in front of you. Lift your golf club up, holding it in front of you. The toe represents one competitor, and the heel represents the other. As you swing the club back and come towards the finish line, focus on ensuring that the toe breaks the finish line before the heel. This motion mimics a rolling action, intentionally favoring the toe. By doing so, you can eliminate the slice spin that often plagues golfers.

Benefits of the Toe Winning the Race:

If you tend to slice the ball, it means that the heel is winning the race, reaching the finish line before the toe. By reversing this pattern and allowing the toe to win, you can reduce slice spin. While this may result in a temporary hook, it is a step towards straightening out your shots. Hooking the ball is preferable to slicing it, as it allows for better control and accuracy.

Understanding the Physics:

To further improve your swing, it is essential to involve your body in the motion. Think of a weight on a string being twirled around. The weight represents the club, the string represents your arms, and your hand represents your body. When twirling the weight, it swings at a 90-degree angle to your hand. Similarly, when you move your body before your arms in the golf swing, the club will flatten or shallow into the downswing, resulting in a more inside-out path. This, combined with a square clubface, can lead to straighter shots.

Transitioning to Body Movement:

Once you have practiced the toe winning the race and have experienced some hooks, it is time to incorporate body movement into your swing. Focus on your belt buckle and initiate the downswing by turning it first. By doing so, your body will lead the way, and the club will naturally follow. This sequence ensures that your swing is initiated by the body, leading to improved accuracy and straighter shots.

Practice and Progress:

It is important to note that mastering these techniques may take time and practice. Some golfers may grasp the concept in just a few repetitions, while others may require more time. Start with a 7-iron and gradually progress to your driver. Remember to overdo the movements initially and then gradually refine them. By consistently practicing the toe heel race and incorporating body movement, you will eventually achieve a powerful, effortless, and pain-free golf swing.


Releasing the golf club properly is crucial for achieving a straighter shot. By visualizing a race between the toe and the heel of the club, golfers can correct slicing tendencies and improve their swing. Additionally, incorporating body movement into the swing enhances accuracy and consistency. With practice and patience, golfers can transform their slice into a straight shot. So, give these techniques a try and enjoy the benefits of a more controlled and accurate golf swing.

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