The Importance of Using Your Body With Loose Wrists in Your Golf Swing

Aug 31, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss an important tip for improving your golf swing. The tip revolves around the concept of using your body and keeping your wrists loose during the swing. By understanding and implementing this technique, you can increase your club head speed and achieve more power in your shots. So, let's dive into the details!

Using Your Body in the Golf Swing:

To illustrate the significance of using your body in the golf swing, let's consider a simple throwing exercise. Imagine holding a ball in your back hand and attempting to throw it without moving your body. The distance covered by the ball in this scenario is limited, around 15 yards. However, when you throw the ball using your body, incorporating your legs and hips, the distance covered increases significantly, up to 40 yards.

This exercise demonstrates that while you can throw a ball with just your arm, incorporating your body allows for greater power and distance. Similarly, in the golf swing, relying solely on your arms may limit your shot distance to around 200 yards. However, by engaging your body, you can generate more club head speed, resulting in longer shots.

The Role of Loose Wrists:

Another crucial aspect of a powerful golf swing is maintaining loose wrists. To understand the impact of wrist tension, let's consider another throwing exercise. First, try throwing a ball with locked wrists. The distance covered is minimal, around 10 yards. Next, throw the ball with loose wrists, and you'll notice a significant increase in distance, around 40-50 yards.

The same principle applies to the golf swing. Loose wrists allow for a whipping action of the golf club, generating speed and power. Conversely, if you lock your wrists during the swing, you restrict the club's movement and limit your shot distance.

The Importance of Grasping the Concept:

The key takeaway from this tip is that using your body and keeping your wrists loose are essential for maximizing power and club head speed in your golf swing. It's not about physical strength but rather understanding the mechanics and executing the proper technique.


In conclusion, incorporating your body and maintaining loose wrists are crucial elements for achieving a powerful and efficient golf swing. By practicing these techniques, you can increase your club head speed, resulting in longer shots. Remember, simplicity is often more effective than complexity in golf. So, give this tip a try during your next practice session and experience the difference it can make in your game.

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