Improve Your Golf Swing Takeaway with This Simple Drill

Aug 28, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss a drill that can help improve your golf swing by addressing the issue of pulling the golf club too far inside. This drill is effective in correcting the takeaway and can lead to better shots on the course. Unlike many drills, this one allows you to hit perfect shots while practicing, making it more enjoyable and beneficial for your game.

The Drill:

To begin the drill, assume your setup position with the golf club in hand. The goal is to create a letter Y shape between your arms and the club. From this position, you will move the letter Y to your back leg, ensuring that your hands are off your back leg. This movement helps check if you have the correct position.

To ensure the correct position, you can use a club on the ground as a reference. The club should align perfectly with the letter Y when you move it to your back leg. It is important to note that if you deviate from the correct position, such as closing the face or moving the club outside, it will not match up with the reference point.

Once you have moved the letter Y to your back leg and checked the face alignment, you can proceed to hit the ball. It is recommended to do the drill three times before hitting the ball to ensure consistency and accuracy. By practicing this drill repeatedly, you can fix any issues with your takeaway and improve your swing.

Benefits of the Drill:

The reason this drill is effective is that it allows you to hit perfect shots while practicing. Unlike other drills that may feel tedious or unrelated to actual swing mechanics, this drill provides immediate feedback and helps you develop muscle memory for the correct takeaway. By incorporating this drill into your practice routine, you can address any takeaway issues and improve your overall swing.


If you struggle with pulling the golf club too far inside during your swing, this simple drill can help you correct that issue. By focusing on creating a letter Y shape between your arms and the club and moving it to your back leg, you can improve your takeaway and ultimately enhance your golf swing. Remember to practice this drill consistently to develop muscle memory and see significant improvements in your game.

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