A Valuable Tip for Senior Golfers: Loosen Up for Better Distance

Aug 19, 2023


As golfers age, they often experience a decrease in strength, resulting in a loss of distance on their shots. In an attempt to compensate for this, many senior golfers make the mistake of swinging harder. However, this approach is counterproductive. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of swinging looser rather than harder for senior golfers and how it can lead to improved distance and overall performance.

Understanding the Issue:

As we age, our physical strength naturally declines. This loss of strength can affect the distance we achieve with our golf shots. It is common for senior golfers to notice a decrease in yardage around the age of 73. However, it is crucial to differentiate between the actual loss of distance and the perceived loss caused by swinging harder.

Swinging Harder is Not the Solution:

When senior golfers start losing distance, their instinct is often to swing harder. Unfortunately, this approach only leads to tighter swings and limited results. Swinging harder based on physical strength alone will not generate the desired distance. Instead, it is essential to focus on swinging looser and maintaining a better follow-through.

The Consequences of Locking Up:

One common mistake made by senior golfers is locking up their wrists and arms during the swing. This can be observed in their follow-through, where the club finishes pointing towards the sky. This locked position restricts the club's movement and significantly reduces the potential distance of the shot. By locking up, senior golfers are relying solely on physical strength, which is insufficient for achieving greater distance.

The Importance of a Loose Swing:

To generate more clubhead speed and distance, it is crucial to maintain a loose swing. A loose swing allows for a faster clubhead speed, resulting in longer shots. By focusing on a looser swing, senior golfers can avoid locking up their wrists and arms, enabling the club to whip through the ball more effectively.

The Role of Perception:

Perception plays a significant role in how senior golfers assess their loss of distance. Often, they overestimate the yardage lost due to their weakened physical state. This overestimation leads to swinging even harder, exacerbating the problem. By understanding the impact of perception, senior golfers can approach their game with a more realistic mindset and focus on swinging looser.

Practical Tips for Improvement:

To develop a looser swing, senior golfers can practice the following techniques:

1. Maintain awareness of the clubhead: During the swing, keep an eye on the clubhead out of the corner of your eye. This visual cue helps ensure a more relaxed swing and prevents locking up.

2. Practice swings: Spend time doing practice swings, focusing on seeing the clubhead in your peripheral vision. By repeatedly reinforcing this visual cue, you can develop a habit of swinging looser.


As senior golfers, it is essential to adapt our approach to the game to account for changes in physical strength. Swinging harder is not the solution to compensate for lost distance. Instead, focusing on swinging looser can lead to improved clubhead speed and greater distance. By maintaining a loose swing and avoiding locking up, senior golfers can continue to enjoy the game and achieve impressive results well into their golden years.

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