This Pro Move That Hits Driver Long & Straight

Jul 23, 2023

In this tip, I'm going to teach you the magic move in your golf swing to help you hit driver longer and straighter than ever before. So, how do we hit a golf ball long and straight? Do we just sit here and try to swing away at it as hard as we can with our arms? No, I know that doesn't work. And how do I know? Because you've probably tried it, haven't you? Have you not tried to swing your driver as hard as you can, hoping to hit the ball longer? But where does the ball go? Does it go longer? Probably not. If it does go longer, it might only go 10 yards farther. And there's also the risk of hitting the ball all over the place. You might hit that one amazing shot, but 99 out of 100 shots are going to go out of bounds, in the water, in the trees, or in the rocks. So, if you want to hit the ball longer and straighter, you have to do it with your body.

Unlocking Power and Distance: Mastering the Body-First Golf Swing

I'm a body teacher, not a hands-and-arms teacher. If you've been using your hands and arms for a long time and you refuse to change, then fine. But a lot of people want more power and want to hit it longer and straighter with less effort. So, I'm here to tell you that there is a different way to do it, but you have to understand exactly how it works. There's one critical moment in time that you have to focus on. This critical moments is at the top of your backswing just as you are going to start down. At the top of your swing, you have to get your slow body ahead of your fast arms. It's a quarter of a second from the top to impact. It's even less from the top until the lead arm is parallel to the ground coming down. In this moment of transition you have to at least be thinking about using your legs and hips. If you're not thinking about moving your hips, your arms will just pull down to hit the ball. And that's where most amateur players go wrong.

The Crucial Move for Longer and Straighter Shots

So, you have to have the thought of using your legs and hips, and you have to do it immediately after reaching the top of your swing. It's a quick move. This initial move is a turning of your hips back to facing the ball while your lead arm is parallel to the ground coming down. If your hips lead, you'll be on your way to getting this first 45 degrees of hip rotation. And if you get this first 45 degrees, you have a chance to get the second by the time you get to impact. So this is 90 degrees hip rotation in the quarter of a second it takes from the top of the backswing to the ball. This is why I keep telling people to turn their arms off and use their legs and hips.

Drill To Get The Initial Hip Rotation

To practice this move, you can try a drill where you turn your hips 45 degrees while holding a golf club vertically against the ground a couple of feet off of your right foot. Another drill is simply holding your arms at the top of your backswing and turning your hips 45 degrees back to the ball. Just go back and forth only with your hips.  Another option is to use a training aid like the Speed Core (amazing training aid), which helps you turn your hips faster. By focusing on your legs and hips and getting into a better position at impact, you'll be able to hit the ball longer and straighter.

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