A Simple Drill to Correct the Over-the-Top Golf Swing

Aug 07, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss a simple drill that can help golfers correct their over-the-top swing. Many golfers struggle with this issue, which results in poor ball contact and inconsistent shots. By understanding the concept of attacking from the inside and implementing this drill, golfers can improve their swing and achieve better results on the course.

Understanding the Over-the-Top Swing:

The over-the-top swing occurs when a golfer brings the club down from outside to in, cutting across the ball. This swing path leads to various shot shapes, such as pulls, pull hooks, pull slices, and push slices. It is essential to address this issue to achieve a more consistent and accurate ball flight.

The Loop Drill:

The loop drill is a simple yet effective way to correct the over-the-top swing. The concept behind this drill is to change the swing path by looping the club in the opposite direction. By doing so, golfers can attack the ball from the inside, resulting in a more desirable ball flight.

Executing the Loop Drill:

1. Set up to the golf ball as you normally would, imagining a plane line running through the ball.
2. Instead of coming over the top, imagine looping the club in the opposite direction, attacking the ball from the inside.
3. Practice this motion by taking practice swings, focusing on the feeling of looping the club to the inside.
4. To reinforce the correct motion, have someone video your swing from the front after performing the loop drill.
5. Gradually reduce the size of the loop until you achieve a more natural swing path.

Benefits of the Loop Drill:

Implementing the loop drill can have several benefits for golfers struggling with an over-the-top swing:
1. Corrects the swing path: By looping the club to the inside, golfers can eliminate the outside-to-in swing path, resulting in improved ball contact.
2. Promotes an inside-out swing: Attacking the ball from the inside allows golfers to hit draws and straight shots, as the clubface squares up to the target line.
3. Improves consistency: By eliminating the over-the-top move, golfers can achieve a more consistent swing, leading to better shot accuracy and control.

Practice and Patience:

It is important to note that correcting an over-the-top swing takes practice and patience. While some golfers may see immediate improvements, others may require more time to develop the correct muscle memory. Incorporating the loop drill into practice sessions and making it a habit can expedite the learning process.


The loop drill is a simple yet effective way to correct the over-the-top swing. By looping the club to the inside, golfers can improve their swing path, achieve better ball contact, and eliminate common shot shape issues. While it may take time to master this drill, consistent practice and implementation can lead to significant improvements in a golfer's swing. So, why not give it a try during your next practice session and experience the benefits firsthand?

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