The Importance of Loose Wrists in Golf for Increased Clubhead Speed

Aug 10, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss the significance of having loose wrists in golf to generate more clubhead speed, resulting in increased distance with irons and drivers. We will explore why loose wrists are preferable over tight wrists and how to achieve this technique for a powerful and effortless golf swing.

Loose Wrists vs. Tight Wrists:

Loose wrists allow for a faster swing compared to tight wrists. The flexibility and freedom of movement in loose wrists enable the golfer to generate more clubhead speed without relying on physical strength. Unlike tight wrists, which restrict movement and limit speed, loose wrists can be maintained throughout a golfer's lifetime.

Demonstration with a Training Aid:

To prove the importance of loose wrists, the author uses a swing right training aid. This device snaps when the ball is hit, indicating the speed of the swing. By setting the training aid to the tightest level and locking up the wrists, the author demonstrates that the device does not snap. However, when the wrists are kept loose, the device snaps upon impact. This serves as evidence that loose wrists contribute to increased clubhead speed and, consequently, greater distance.

Techniques to Achieve Loose Wrists:

To achieve loose wrists, the author suggests a few techniques. Firstly, it is essential to understand that maintaining loose wrists does not mean letting go of the golf club. The focus is on keeping the wrist joint loose while maintaining a firm grip on the club. The author recommends practicing the hinging motion of the wrists, both on the backswing and the follow-through. This motion creates a snapping sensation, indicating that the wrists are loose and generating clubhead speed.

The Importance of Unlocking the Wrist Joint:

Unlocking the wrist joint is a crucial element in creating a powerful, effortless, and pain-free golf swing. To emphasizes the significance of loosening the wrists compare your own level of looseness to that of a doorknob. By gripping a doorknob and opening and closing a door, it illustrates the level of looseness required to generate clubhead speed.

Benefits of Loose Wrists:

Loose wrists allow golfers to achieve greater clubhead speed and, consequently, more distance with their shots. This applies to both irons and drivers. The author emphasizes that achieving loose wrists does not require excessive physical strength. Instead, it is a technique that can be learned and maintained throughout a golfer's lifetime.


In conclusion, having loose wrists in golf is essential for generating more clubhead speed, resulting in increased distance with irons and drivers. Loose wrists swing faster than tight wrists, and they do not require significant physical strength. By practicing the hinging motion and unlocking the wrist joint, golfers can achieve a powerful, effortless, and pain-free golf swing. Remember, loose wrists can be maintained for life, allowing for consistent improvement in distance and overall performance on the golf course.

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