How To Hit Driver Straight

Jul 28, 2023

Here's a great tip that's going to help you learn how to hit your driver straight, and of course, other clubs as well.I know everybody wants to hit the driver straight, so we'll talk about that one and then apply the very same thing to your irons.

So to hit your driver straight, what we're going to do is, we're going to do a two-knuckle neutral grip with the clubface dead square. If you need to check it, put your alignment stick down, put another club or a stick perpendicular to it, then you can check your club face to ensure it's nice and square. If you do a strong grip, you'll see why that isn't going to work so be sure to do the neutral grip. So neutral grip and face square.

When you set up, the other thing we're going to do is we are going to extend our lead arm. So fully extended lead arm, neutral grip, face square. So how is that going to get us hitting our driver straight? Well, you have now predetermined that when your lead arm is stretched out, the face is square.

Square the Face for Straight Driver Shots with Proper Arm Extension

So how do I square the face consistently? All I have to do is stretch my arm back out because you predetermined that when this arm is stretched out, the face is square. So hopefully you see this will square the face versus, let's say, a chicken wing. If you do a chicken wing through impact, you're going to buckle your lead arm, and that's going to twist your face all over the place. If you sit here and do a strong grip, if you stretch your arm out, the clubface will be closed so that won't work either.

If you want to hit your driver dead straight, set up with a square, two-knuckle neutral grip. Now before you get started, I want you to just kind of hold the club up in the air and get this thought: my lead arm is stretched out so if I swing this, all I have to do is stretch out my lead arm. Every time my arm stretches out, the face is square because I predetermined it when I set up. So stretch your lead arm out, just let it go.

Utilize Physics for Straight Driver Shots

Let the weight of the club pull your lead arm to a straight position. If your arm is straight, the face is square. We're using simple physics of mass swinging around an axis. To visualize it imagine twirling a head cover. This head cover represents your golf club, the flexible part is your arms and my hand twirling it, that's my body. So if it stretches back out, it should hit that exact spot every time. So if you set up with this lead arm stretched out and clubface square, all you have to do to hit the driver dead straight is let it stretch back out again. So you can't be just sitting there saying, "I'm going to whack at it as hard as I can." That's going to buckle your lead arm and twist the clubface.

Now, get used to that feeling. Then, of course, we're going to apply that feeling to our shots, and then you're going to hit your driver dead straight. Pretty simple but now we're using physics to do it, simple physics.

So if you give that a try, I'm telling you, you will take your shots from going all over to dead straight.

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