How To Hit Consistent Golf Shots

Jul 27, 2023

In this tip, I'm teaching you how to hit consistent golf shots. Do you know how to be consistent? Answer: You need to do things consistently. That means you need to do the same thing every time. So I come out here to the range - and you know I'm either watching students warm up or I'm watching people over there hitting golf balls. You know what they do? They hit three over here. They hit one straight: they hit two over here. They hit another shot. Fat then they top three and then they slice three more over here. You know what that is, inconsistent, they're not doing anything consistently. So to become a consistent golfer you have to do something consistently ... something. So what I like people to do is get people to hook the golf ball first. I know that hitting hooks don't seem like great shots but if you hooked a hundred in a row, that's something that you're doing consistently.

The Key to Hitting a Perfect Draw in Golf

So if you hooked 100 in a row there's a high probability that number 101 would probably hook versus three over there two here, one straight top top fat fat slice slice like nothing's happening. So I would rather you sit here and hook and hook and hook and hook at least then you're releasing the golf club consistently. Every ball is hooking, but it's on the wrong direction. You don't care about that though, because you're just trying to get every ball to have some hook spin.

Everyone seems to want to learn how to hit a draw right? Part of a draw, is getting draw or hook spin on the ball. So if you sat here - and you got every ball to have some draw or hook spin you're halfway there, then all you'd have to do - is work on your body to straighten it out. Then you'd be hitting it with this perfect little draw that you want. So all I'm saying is most golfers have zero consistency, they keep hitting a different shot every single time. So why don't we change that? Why don't we start hooking everything?

Mastering the Hook First

To hit a hook you obviously have to hit the ball with the face, a little closed. We aren't going to do this with a strong grip or bowed wrist. That is totally unnecessary. All you have to do to hook every single shot is release the golf club from the top as soon as you start down. This is the key, and this is what people do not do. I guarantee if you roll it from the top you will be only a few degrees closed by the time you hit that golf ball. Don't believe me? Try it. Go to the top. As soon as you start down, start crossing your hands over closing the clubface. If so, you will not be hitting it with the face open. If you do, you didn't cross your hands over or roll or cross them over sooner until you start hooking every shot. This rolling or crossing is releasing the golf club. It's way too early I know but you've got to start somewhere. I said if you're trying to be a consistent golfer, you got to do something consistently so start with that. It's easy.

The Hook Spin Advantage

Literally within a few minutes, every single golf ball will have some hook spin on it, but don't see the bad in that. Unfortunately, that's what people tend to do. See the hooks as half right. You have the right spin on the ball. If you hook every ball, you know what you're going to do before you do it. It's probably going to hook, see what I mean? Then you take one side of the golf course out of play. So I need you to roll and roll and hook and hook. See the consistency of it. You're consistently putting draw or hook spin on it. It's on the wrong direction though but we don't care about that right now. We care about every ball hooking, then all you have to do to start straightening it out is switch from here is start firing your lower body. If your body starts the downswing first you fix the direction. Here's how it works: your wrists affect the spin, your body affects direction. This is literally how simple this is.

The Key to Perfecting Your Golf Shots

Okay, so hopefully you know, I know everybody wants to be consistent. This is a consistency game. You can't hit it everywhere. You've got to hit it down the fairway every time. So to do that, you've got to be consistent. To become consistent, we've got to start somewhere. Why not spend the next days, week or weeks getting every ball to hook? If you want it even faster just do the roll over or crossing of the wrists at home every night in practice swings. This way you get used to it and don't have to wait until you come out to the practice range. Start today.

Keep in mind that if you're going to hit hooks aim right for righties and left for lefties because if I hook it, you want to keep your golf balls in the range. So hit your shots and watch the spin on the ball. Forget about the direction. Do it again and again and again and again. Pretty soon we know what you're going to do before you do it. It's going to hook. Great, you're half way there.

Master Body Rotation for Consistently Straight Golf Shots

Now you start adding body rotation. So you hit the top then turn your hips before your arms come down and you'll either hit it dead straight or with a little draw. So many people struggling with this game, and it's so unbelievably simple to get people hitting the ball consistently. You just got to know what to do, though. That requires two things to happen. You've got to fire your body, and you have to release the club perfectly every time two hit it straight. The problem is, you're not good at it. So why not just get half or master half. Then work on turning your body, then you hit straight. That is literally how simple this so anybody can become a consistent golfer. They just have to follow a little bit different plan.

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