Simple Drill To Feel and Cure Swinging Over The Top

Aug 23, 2023

In this blog post, we will discuss a drill that can help you stop coming over the top in your golf swing. Coming over the top refers to the action of hitting hard with your arms, causing the club to swing from the outside to in. This can result in poor shots such as pull hooks or pull slices. To overcome this issue, it is important to focus on a body swing rather than an arm swing. By following the drill mentioned below, you can develop a new feeling of attacking the ball from the inside, leading to improved shots.

Understanding the Problem:

Hitting with your arms can cause your body to tilt forward at the top of the backswing. This forward tilt can result in a swing path that goes from outside to in, leading to poor shots. It is crucial to eliminate this over-the-top motion to achieve a more effective swing.

The Drill:

To practice the correct swing path and prevent coming over the top, you can use the following drill:

1. Take an alignment stick or a club and set up as if you are about to hit a shot.
2. Imagine that if you were to come over the top, your arms would move outwards, causing the club to cut across the ball.
3. Instead, focus on letting your arms drop down naturally, creating a feeling of attacking the ball from the inside.
4. Visualize the club attacking the ball on a slight arc from inside to square to inside.
5. Practice this drill with both irons and your driver to get a better understanding of the correct swing path.

Important Points to Remember:

- The drill is not about hitting with your arms but about developing a new feeling of attacking from the inside.
- The movement of dropping your arms should be initiated by firing your body first, which will result in a shallower club shaft and a swing more down the line.
- Keep in mind that the actual swing happens in a fraction of a second, so it is essential to focus on the feeling rather than trying to execute the entire movement during the swing.


By practicing the drill mentioned above, you can train your body to attack the ball from the inside, eliminating the over-the-top motion in your swing. While it may take time to fully incorporate this new feeling into your swing, the drill provides a starting point for improvement. Remember to focus on a body swing rather than relying solely on your arms. With practice and dedication, you can develop a powerful, effortless, and pain-free golf swing.

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