Copy The Impact Position of Pros to Hit It Long & Straight

Jul 22, 2023

In this tip, I'm teaching you how to get more clubhead speed so you can hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before, specifically with irons and driver. So how do you do it? Do you try to hit it as hard as you can with your arms? No, you've already tried that and it doesn't work plus you could hurt yourself.  So there's a different approach we can take. Who hits the ball a long way? Pros and long drivers. Right?  So let's analyze what they're doing and try to replicate it. When a pro or a long driver hits the golf ball, their hips are rotated open at impact.  From the down the line view you can see their forward cheek and their back heel is off the ground. Most amateurs' hips are just facing the ball the ball at impact (can't see the forward cheek) and they are flat footed.  So to copy pros we need to have our hips open and our back heel off the ground. This is what pros look like. If we hit the ball while facing the ball, you will not get the power you're looking for. So to hit it long and straight, we need our body to be ahead of the golf club.

Master the Proper Hip and Leg Movement for Longer and Straighter Golf Shots

So if we start with our hips facing the ball  at setup and the club right behind the ball, and then hit the ball, our hips will be ahead of the golf club at impact. This allows us to hit the ball longer and straighter. To achieve more distance, we need to use our legs and hips. This might already be something you're aware of. However, many people make a common mistake. They go to the top of their swing and think about shifting their weight. This is the problem. Since giving my first lesson back in 1991, I don't teach people to shift. Instead, I focus on getting them to turn. The shift happens naturally as they move into the follow through without even thinking about it, so there's no need to consciously shift.

Start Rotating You Hips

I guarantee that 80 to 90 percent of people reading this tip will be facing the ball at impact, flat-footed and not rotated. Remember, we want to copy what the pros are doing. If you go sideways thinking about shifting, you won't achieve the desired rotation. The only way to rotate your hips is by turning. If you turn, you'll see your hips open at impact. If you go sideways, you won't. So we need to focus on rotation to achieve the same impact position as pros. Now, when we reach the top of our backswing, we need to change our thinking. Instead of thinking about shifting, we need to think about turning. I know people teach to shift first then turn. If that worked why are there so many golfers just facing the ball as they hit the ball? That thought is obviously not working. So, change your thought process to focus on turning. If your lateral movement isn't perfect, that's okay. You can work on improving it later.  What's more important right now is getting the hip the rotation.

Here's A Simple Hip Rotation Drill

 Hold the golf club up in the air and do a swing.  As you are starting down think "turn". Video yourself doing this drill and freeze the video at impact. You will see the hip rotation I am talking about and your back heel off the ground. So this simple drill will get you looking like a pro at impact.   Repeat this drill over and over again to improve your coordination and get used to the new movement. Video your swing occasionally to check your progress.

Put In The Effort To Get Your Hips Rotating

By copying what the pros do, you'll start to increase your clubhead speed and hit the ball longer and straighter. It's not about using your arms to whack at the ball. It's about using your legs and hips with proper rotation. I hope you understand the importance of this concept. I'm passionate about helping people improve their game, and this is a game-changer. It may take some time and effort, but the payoff is huge. So, commit to changing your thinking and practicing the necessary movements. If so, you'll start hitting it longer and straighter than ever!

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