The Best Putting Tip To Get You Target Oriented

Aug 01, 2023

Here's the best putting tip ever I'm saying that, because I was a phenomenal putter, I used to practice minimum one hour a day out at the golf course, and then I would practice up to three more hours a day on the carpet at home.I invented this thing. It goes in your floor heating vent.I called it a Puttacup. Take the vent out put this in. It gives you a real golf hole in your home, so any of the houses in the upper States and into Canada. Have these vents in the floor, so I would practice on that: no joke up to three more hours a day.I was phenomenal. My record from right, I don't know if this is 15 feet but 15 feet.I sunk 56 in a row.I've sunk three balls in a row from 48 feet out of a 9 hole, little putting competition I have sunk 6 out of 9.I had a putting competition with a gentleman known as the best putter in all of Florida. Back when I was 19. This is 30 years over 30 years ago.

Target-Oriented Drill for Phenomenal Results

By the time I was done with him, I won 50 bucks off him, he snapped his putter over his leg and walked off the green. That's how good I was so I have put in the time I have become a phenomenal putter and I'm telling you right now this is the best putting tip ever. This tip gets you what's called target oriented. To become a phenomenal putter you've got to stop thinking about your stroke. Okay, that's the worst thing you could possibly do. You have to be thinking about the target. That is it ... target, target, target and this drill will get you thinking about the target. So back when I was apprenticing, you know, I'd be working in the pro shop and people would come into the pro shop and tell me they're about to go play. But you know what have you got any putting tips? You know my putting is not really very good, so I used to show them this drill right here.

The Best Putting Tip Ever

This little tip, okay, they'd go out and do this they'd go play their round of golf and no joke a 100% of everyone I told them about this drill came back in and said: "oh my god.I can't believe how good I was putting." This tip works unbelievably well and you're gonna think, I'm crazy having you do this. Try it.I don't say this is the best putting tip ever. If it's not the best putting tip ever. Hopefully Rory will watch this, because I think he needs some work on his putting. All right, so here's the concept. Again, we've got to get target oriented. The target is this hole right here. The problem when people are putting is they keep thinking about their stroke? Oh boy, I gotta take it straight back and straight through. Oh, I got to take it on a perfect arc. Oh boy, you know it doesn't. All this stuff forget it. Again, we're gonna be target oriented. So I call this the "wiggle drill" and again you're gonna think I'm crazy in a second, but once you try it you'll putt unbelievably well.

Become Target Oriented In Minutes

So we're gonna go like this. We're going to purposely wiggle our putter and then hit the putt. Okay wiggle then hit it. You can go outside, you can go inside. It doesn't matter I'll, show you from top down in a second here, but we're going to wiggle the putter and then hit the putt. Wiggle and then putt. Okay, you would think if I had to take it on a perfect arc, or straight back and straight through there's no way these balls would be able to go online. You're supposed to take it on a perfect arc aren't you?I just made that one, the other one was pretty darn close. Okay, so wiggle it and then hit the putt. Oh, there's another one. Why this works is, when you wiggle you have to then be thinking about the target to move the putter towards the target. Like I said, to become a phenomenal putter or a great putter, you need to be target oriented, and that's exactly what this drill does.

Make Putting Simple

You sit here, I'm telling you, you sit here, think about the perfect arc, perfect stroke, all that stuff and that's going to be the worst thing you could possibly do all right and that's what a lot of these Pros do. You know when you start seeing them messing around with their putter and everything? That's the worst thing they could do. They're thinking about their stroke. Gotta think about the target. You think about the target then you will be phenomenal. So what I'd like you to do now? You understand it, I'm going to show it to you from top down. Okay, when you see it, then I need you to go out to the green. Give me 25 putts different distances. Doesn't matter, you know, I'd be doing longer ones. These are probably, well one, two, three, four, five, six, seven eight! You know these are long putts. So you know I wouldn't be sitting there hitting three footers.I guess you could I've never really tried that, but you know a decent length.

Try the 'Wiggle Drill' Technique for Unbelievable Results

Putt so hit 25 of them and then go play and no joke you will putt unbelievably well. After you do, leave your comment right below this tip, because I'm going to prove to everyone that this is the best putting tip ever. So, let's take a look at my top down view because you know I say: wiggle it and people don't seem to understand what I'm saying so and don't get me wrong.I'm not doing something specific here.I'm just wiggling it wherever I want to wiggle it. Okay, so let's take a look at that now. All right, so here I am, this is what I'm doing. Okay, there's no exact way to wiggle it. You can go outside and wiggle you can go inside and wiggle. You can do both doesn't matter so right here, wiggle and then hit your putt okay. So maybe try one outside and then do it again on the inside. So like this .. wiggle and then hit your putt, you're not trying to go straight back and straight through, which is the worst thing you could possibly do, or on a slight arc.

Quit Thinking About The Perfect Stroke

The club will arc all on its own when you're, not thinking about it. Okay, this drill is not designed to work on a perfect stroke. It's designed to get you to wiggle it and then think about the target on the way through all right. So that's what I'm talking about about wiggling it. It's not a perfect thing. It's wiggling anywhere!I don't care on the way through the only way you're going to get that putter to not hit that ball sideways is, if you're thinking of moving that putter towards that target. How do you become a great putter? You become target oriented, and that's exactly what this drill is going to do. Okay, so give that a try. Place your comments below after you've tried it, and you've putted incredibly well using the best putting tip ever.

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