How to Hit Your Driver Long and Straight: The Importance of Loose Wrists

Aug 08, 2023


In this blog post, we will discuss a valuable tip on how to hit your driver long and straight. Many golfers struggle with generating enough club head speed and maintaining control during their swing. By understanding the concept of loose wrists and implementing it into your swing, you can significantly improve your distance and accuracy off the tee. So, let's dive into the details of this technique and how it can transform your game.

The Five-Foot-Long 2" x 4":

Imagine a scenario where you have a 2" x 4" that's five feet long, with a driver head attached to one end. You take a swing and hit the ball 200 yards. Impressive, right? But then, someone else takes the same 2" x 4", cuts it in half, and adds a hinge in the middle. With this modified 2" x 4", they hit the ball 300 yards. How is this possible?

The Importance of Loose Wrists:

The key to hitting the ball longer and straighter lies in the concept of loose wrists. When you swing with locked wrists, it is akin to swinging a five-foot-long 2" x 4". The lack of flexibility and hinge-like motion restricts your club head speed. However, by introducing a hinge in the middle, you allow your wrists to move freely, generating more speed and power.

Demonstration with a Training Aid:

To illustrate the impact of loose wrists, the instructor in the video uses a training aid called the Swing Right. By locking up the device and swinging it forcefully, he demonstrates the limited range of motion and lack of speed. However, when he loosens his wrists and swings again, the device snaps, showcasing the power generated by loose wrists.

Analyzing Amateur and Professional Swings:

Amateur golfers often struggle with maintaining loose wrists throughout their swing. They tend to rely on their arms, resulting in a casting motion and a loss of lag angle. This locked position resembles swinging a five-foot-long two by four, limiting their distance and control. In contrast, professional golfers prioritize loose wrists, allowing for a more efficient transfer of energy and increased club head speed.

Developing Loose Wrists:

To develop loose wrists, the instructor suggests practicing the hinge and re-hinge motion repeatedly. This can be done by mimicking a hinge with your wrists, going from a thumbs-up position to a re-hinged position. The goal is to achieve a feeling of looseness, similar to a hinge on a door that opens and closes effortlessly. By incorporating this motion into your swing, you can generate more club head speed with less effort.


In conclusion, hitting your driver long and straight requires the understanding and implementation of loose wrists. By visualizing a 2" x 4" with a hinge in the middle, you can grasp the importance of flexibility and freedom in your swing. Practice the hinge and re-hinge motion to develop loose wrists, and you will experience improved distance and accuracy off the tee. Remember, it's not about swinging as hard as you can but about generating club head speed through the power of loose wrists.

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