Improve Your Golf Swing with the Arm Extension Drill

Aug 24, 2023


In golf, achieving a wide swing arc is crucial for optimal performance. One way to enhance this aspect of your swing is by extending your arms after hitting the ball. This blog post will discuss a helpful drill that can assist you in developing a full arm extension, leading to better contact with the ball and improved distance. So, let's dive into the details!

Why Arm Extension Matters:

When you hit a golf ball, it is essential to extend your lead arm while slightly tucking your back arm about two feet after impact with irons. With the driver, both arms should stretch back out about three feet. This extension is necessary because your body tilts more with longer clubs. Starting on a slight angle, you hit the ball on a tilt. After impact, your arms fully stretch out again with the driver due to the increased lower body drive, resulting in a more pronounced body tilt.

The Problem with Chicken Wing As You Swing:

Many golfers tend to develop a "chicken wing" motion when hitting the ball. This occurs when they contract their arm muscles while trying to strike the object. The chicken wing motion narrows the swing arc, reduces club head speed, and negatively affects the ball's compression. Additionally, the grip falls behind the head, adding loft to the golf club and causing the ball to go too high with a clicking sound. The face of the club may also twist, leading to a slice.

The Arm Extension Drill:

To overcome the chicken wing motion and promote full arm extension, you can practice a simple drill. Start with your setup position, ensuring that your lead arm is fully stretched out. Push your club forward to create a letter Y shape, with both arms extended about two feet after contact. Then, swing the club back and try to stretch your arms out again. This drill will help you experience the feeling of full extension in both arms.

Progression and Application:

Begin by practicing the arm extension drill with irons. Once you feel comfortable, tee up the ball and apply the same sensation to your shots. It is crucial not to take too long between the practice swing and the actual shot, as you may lose the desired feeling. Repeat the drill with the driver, focusing on widening your swing arc to generate more club head speed.

Benefits and Practice:

By making the arm extension drill a regular part of your practice routine, you can improve your swing and achieve better contact with the ball. It is essential to get accustomed to the feeling of full extension in your arms. Practice the drill regularly, even outside of the golf course, to make it feel more natural. By widening your swing arc, you will notice improvements in your shots and gain more distance.


The arm extension drill is a valuable tool for golfers looking to enhance their swing. By focusing on extending your arms after hitting the ball, you can avoid the chicken wing motion and achieve a wider swing arc. This drill will help you improve your contact with the ball, increase club head speed, and ultimately enhance your overall performance on the golf course. So, start practicing the arm extension drill today and experience the positive impact it can have on your game!

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