Drill To Get Faster Hips In Your Downswing

Jul 20, 2023

Today I'm giving you a super easy tip to help you get your hips moving in your golf swing and you don't even need to hit a ball to do it.  For years, we have been told to shift then turn to hit the ball.  The problem is, from the top of your backswing to impact is a quarter of a second.  The average player doesn't have time to shift and turn. That's why I want you to change your thinking at the top of the backswing - think "turn" instead of "shift". This will help you get your hips open by the time you hit the ball, just like the pros.

This is not to say you won't shift.  You will as you go through to your follow through position.  In other words, the shift will happen on it's own if you start your swing by turning.

To practice this move, you don't even need to hit a ball. Just stand in your stance and shoot your back knee 45 degrees ahead of the ball. As you do this, your back heel should come off the ground, and you should start to rotate your hips. Keep going back and forth, and try to go faster and faster.

If you can master this drill, you'll look like a pro at impact and reach your full potential. Kids have a huge advantage here, because they don't have much arm strength, so they have to hit the ball with their legs and hips. Adults, on the other hand, often just whack at the ball with their arms, which makes them just face the ball at impact. Don't swing like that - get your hips moving and you will hit pure irons and long drives!

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