Use Your Imagination To Hit Your Driver Long & Straight

Jul 21, 2023

If you want to hit your driver long and straight, I want you to use your imagination. Picture a 30-foot driver in front of you and think about how you'd take it back. You can't go up, or it would flop around. The only way to take it back is to go around and around. That's the same feeling you want to replicate when you're at the range.

Too many average golfers think the swing is up and down.  As people do this they end up swinging the club too steeply and even sending over the top resulting in pulls, pull hooks and pull slices.

This poor contact greatly reduces distance as well because you are never really making solid contact.  So all you need to do is change how you have been seeing your drive all of these years.  

Don't think about hitting down on the ball, just focus on going around and around. If you practice this at home with a long object like a rake or other long object, you'll get the sensation before you even get to the range. 

So give this new image a try.   It might feel a little strange at first but in no time you will get used to it and start swinging your driver on a flatter plane making more direct contact allowing you to hit it longer and straighter than ever.

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