Puttacup by Paul Wilson

Get A Real Golf Hole In Your House


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(DO NOT order if your vent hole is not 10" x 4.25")

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I invented the Puttacup - Indoor Practice Putting Cup back when I was 14 years old.  After numerous prototypes, we had it on the market a couple of years later and it's has been a huge success all these years later.

The idea came from living in a cold winter climate and not being able to go out to the course to practice putting.   I tried using above ground putting devices but they didn't allow you to putt into a real golf hole in your home.   So after thinking about it, I noticed the floor heating vent was already cut into the floor.   I pulled the vent, stuck a towel down and cut out a piece of cardboard the size of a golf hole and taped it down.  Now, I could putt into a real hole at home. The Puttacup was born.

As you see in the video, it's simple to use and still allows for continuous air flow.  The hole is actually slightly smaller (4" instead of 4.25") than a real golf hole so it also helps improve your putting.  Once you putt with the Puttacup, the real golf hole seems a lot bigger.

The Puttacup fits into a standard floor heating vent that measures: 10" long x 4.24" wide.  If you do not have a floor vent this size DO NOT order as it will not fit.  This is the standard size that is found in millions of homes in the upper states and Canada.

It's made of high impact plastic and last for years.   We've had customers contact us 20 years after their original purchase wanting another one as theirs finally wore out.  So you get incredible value for minimal cost.

If you live in a winter climate, and would like to putt in a real golf hole in your home, then pick up your own Puttacup by clicking the link above.